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The new way for you to find the best retained search firm for your executive search project, certified by Clockwork.

Executive Search has changed.

Executive Search Has Changed.

The traditional approach of selecting a Retained Executive Search Firm through a word-of-mouth referral is inadequate for today's fast-changing business world. Companies are looking for unique new leaders to handle the issues of the day and need help from innovative executive recruiters to find them.

There are many exceptional search firms out there and, more importantly, some of them specialize in the exact type of executive hire that a company is looking to make. The challenge is finding them. The Clockwork Network solves these problems by providing a new 'marketplace' for the buyers of Executive Search to discover the innovative executive search firms they need to fill their next executive placement.

For Companies

For Companies:

Hiring the wrong executive is the riskiest decision a company can make. A misstep, at best, can delay the future success of the company and, at worst, can set the company back for years to come. You need an executive search firm that appreciates this importance and has the exact experience finding the executive talent you need, the first-time. You simply cannot afford to get it wrong.

The Clockwork Network has done the vetting for you. We've cultivated 100s of the world's best retained executive search firms. For no charge, we'll introduce you to firms that have a proven track record working on projects exactly like yours.

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For Executive Search Firms

For Executive Search Firms:

You've done the searches and you've honed your process. You're the best in your area of specialization. But are you reaching all the potential clients you can?

The Clockwork Network certifies your work in your area of specialization and targets new companies in that area. This new source of opportunities can help grow your firm and take it to the next level.

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I don’t know why every company wouldn’t come to you first before every executive search project.

General Partner, SHIFT. Creative Solutions

It's a key hire and I can't afford to make a mistake. The Clockwork Network gives me the confidence that I'm getting the right search firm.

CEO, Byte Foods

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