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Let the data find you the right one. We analyze performance data from tens of thousands of search projects to find the outperforming firms for your specific search. Our analysis gives you confidence that you're hiring the best search firm for your project, every time.

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Don't rely on word-of-mouth

Don't rely on word-of-mouth

The traditional approach of selecting a Retained Search Firm through word-of-mouth referrals and sales presentations is broken. Do you know:

  • The firm’s likelihood of placing a candidate?
  • How long their searches typically take?
  • If they have a track record of specializing in the department, industry, and region you're looking for?

Any delay in filling a key hire represents a huge cost to your company. Selecting a search firm that consistently takes longer than average or has trouble placing candidates is a financial risk. Don't base such a costly decision on word-of-mouth alone.

Trust the Clockwork Network Instead

Trust the Clockwork Network Instead

The Clockwork Network consists of hundreds of outperforming Retained Search Firms. We help you find the right one by continually analyzing search project data from these firms. Based on the specific criteria for your hire, we'll recommend firms with a proven track record of consistently outperforming on searches just like yours. When you use a Clockwork Network firm, you can expect:

  • A clear, upfront, and agreed-upon search strategy and process
  • A collaborative, transparent search project experience
  • A better likelihood of hiring the best candidate in the shortest amount of time


Metrics and Criteria

What metrics and criteria do we use?

We evaluate search firms based on their effectiveness and efficiency at completing search projects. We analyze:

  • Placement Rate (PR): the percentage of roles that actually get filled of the total number of projects. The PR measures effectiveness, how likely the search project will end with a successful placement.
  • Days to Placement (DTP): the number of days from the start of a search project to the successful placement. The DTP measures efficiency, how long it takes to fill a role.

Based on the seniority, department, industry, company stage, and geographic region for your role, we surface the retained search firms with the highest PR and fastest DTP for that specific criteria.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost?

Our analysis is free and you are under no obligation to select a firm that we recommend. We also stand by our analysis. If you go with our recommendation and the search fails, we’ll refund 15% of the search fee.

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Free Analysis

How It Works

Our process for finding you outperforming search firms for your specific hire.

Step 1

We use your search criteria (industry, seniority, department, company stage, region) to run a custom analysis on our database of over 30,000 search projects.

Step 2

We provide an anonymized list of Outperformers, search firms with a data-supported track record of doing the same type of project better than anyone else.

Step 3

You choose the firm you want from the Outperformers, we make the introduction, and you've got a head start to quickly filling your key hire with a great candidate.

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It's a key hire and I can't afford to make a mistake. This report gives me the confidence that I'm getting the right search firm.

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See the data behind our analysis in this industry-first performance benchmark report. Learn what great search looks like based on real data.

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