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Christian Spletzer

Christian Spletzer
After years of working as an executive recruiter, Christian Spletzer founded Clockwork to improve how search firms and clients work together on retained search projects. He designed Clockwork to help recruiters demonstrate their consultative value to their clients at every stage of each project.

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A Brief History On Selecting A Retained Search Firm

Christian Spletzer - July 8, 2019

The Creation of the Retained Search Firm

When it comes to the creation of the first retained search firm, we can look back to Thorndike Deland's firm created in 1926. Thorndike Deland Associates is credited as the first retained search firm in documented history dedicated to finding executives in the retail industry. The concept of retained search, however, has a much deeper rooted history.

Topics: Executive Search

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What Is 'Uptick' And Does It Pertain To Your Search Project?

Christian Spletzer - June 7, 2019

The Misconception Of Uptick In Retained Search

There’s a common fear among buyers of recruiting services of something called “uptick.” Uptick is the idea that the hired search firm will try to find the most expensive candidate possible to get a bigger payout.

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The Benefits Of An Exclusivity Clause In Retained Search

Christian Spletzer - June 6, 2019

Exclusivity Clauses are almost always a standard requirement for a retained search. Essentially, it means you will only work with that firm for the duration of the search. As common as they are, Exclusivity Clauses can become a sticking point and source of apprehension for you, your legal and finance departments.

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What Is The True Cost Of Choosing The Wrong Retained Search Firm?

Christian Spletzer - May 16, 2019

Not all retained search firms are created equal. Without the right firm, an already long process can be delayed significantly. But ultimately, the biggest risk of partnering with the wrong firm is that your search will fail outright.

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How to Set a Search Strategy With an Executive Search Firm

Christian Spletzer - May 2, 2019

There are certain practical rules of executive recruiting every great recruiter takes to heart. Chief among them is collaborating with you, as the client, to define (and refine) a sound search strategy at the outset of the project.

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Here's Why Executive Search Firms Are Turning to Online Collaboration

Christian Spletzer - April 23, 2019

Traditionally, clients on Executive Search projects have been kept in the loop via weekly status calls and reports compiled from a variety of data sources. While this approach has long been the accepted standard, it can be problematic at best and more likely threatening to the project’s overall success at worst. There’s a better way for recruiters and their clients to collaborate on retained searches—one that significantly increases the likelihood of success.

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