Retained Search Performance Calculator

Find out the likelihood your search will end in a placement and how long it will take.

This calculator estimates the likelihood a search will end in a placement and how long the search will take, for a given seniority and department. It is based on retained search project data from over 30,000 projects spanning the 3 years.

Placement Rate (PR)

The Placement Rate is the percentage of roles that actually get filled out of the total number of projects. The PR measures effectiveness, how likely the search project will end with a successful placement. The industry average PR across all seniorities and departments is 71%.

Days to Placement (DTP)

The Days to Placement is the number of days from the start of a search project to the successful placement. The DTP measures efficiency, how long it takes to fill a role. The industry average DTP across all seniorities and departments is 123 days.

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