Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Job Description Template

A Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is an executive-level role. Candidates who best fit this role are often not actively looking for new opportunities. As such, your job description must sell these candidates on the opportunity such that they're willing to leave their current role.

Ask yourself the following questions to get a better sense of how to present your company and the role to prospective candidates:

  • Why is your company so great to work for?
  • What’s interesting about your company's future?
  • What are the responsibilities of the role?
  • What about the role makes this a chance for a rewarding career?
  • What about the role is so intriguing that the candidate should leave their job to fill it?

Remember, the job spec needs to be both educational and intriguing. You need to inform and sell.

Use the CRO job description template below to create your ideal candidate profile and provide the information that executive candidates care about most.

Company Description

This is where you will introduce your company, mission statement, and values. This section is one of the most important sections, as it will be a key selling point for top candidates. Emphasize the company culture, reputation, and anything else that makes your company amazing.

Job Description

Here is where you'll want to give a brief overview of whom you're looking for. Highlight the most important aspects of the role and touch upon the impact that the CRO will have on the rest of the company. 

We’re looking for a CRO that will play a pivotal role in the company's growth by designing and executing comprehensive sales strategies and growth plans. This role will oversee the full range of activities from Merchant Sales, Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement, and Partnership Sales.


Below is a list of skills and responsibilities typically required for a CRO. Select and modify as you see fit and as they pertain to your particular role.

  • Act as a liaison to the Board, presenting key development updates and ensuring that the Board has the information necessary to meet its responsibilities
  • Partnering closely with Sales and Executive teams to create and deliver on a winning commercial sales growth strategy
  • Create a standardized outreach plan for current and future clients and coordinate its implementation across sales channels, client management, and marketing & communications
  • Drive revenue strategies that lead to organizational sustainability and growth
  • Manage resource spending and allocation, operating within the approved budget, ensuring maximum resource utilization, maintaining a positive financial position
  • Prospect and close relationships with key target clients
  • Monitor the revenue pipeline through reporting, dashboards, and tracking channels to provide actionable insight
  • Propel sales leadership to develop and implement short and long term strategies including revenue forecasting, adjusting as necessary
  • Provide competitive intelligence for use in strategic analysis and positioning of company product offerings
  • Develop global and regional go to market strategies for both mature and emerging customer targets
  • Monitor the strategies and processes across the revenue cycle from customer acquisition to engagement to success
  • Provide consistent reports by maintaining accurate updates of sales, and outbound metrics
  • Manage and motivate staff to achieve revenue goals, holding team members to a high standard of excellence and accountability

Make sure to mention any additional knowledge of the industry, or other technology/information relevant to your product/company.


Below is a list of qualifications typically required for a CRO. Select and modify as you see fit and as they pertain to your particular role.

  • B.S. required, advanced degree in business related preferred

  • [#] years of experience in Sales developing and successfully implementing measurable sales strategies

  • Leadership & Demonstrable Management skills
  • Passionate about mentoring teams to inspire confidence and results-orientation
  • Outcome-oriented and motivated by performance-based rewards
  • Able to channel different points of view, establish and maintain excellent relationships, and foster team atmosphere with internal staff while achieving key objectives
  • A demonstrated ability to think about a broad range of revenue streams is required
  • Ability to forecast the business accurately, and ensure operations are measured and optimized to align with sales, budget, and marketing targets
  • Demonstrated success developing an impactful strategic vision for improving outcomes and leveraging data to achieve this
  • Possess exceptional relationship building and communication skills between internal and external stakeholders
  • Strategic and highly analytical with the ability to take large amounts of information and develop innovative solutions
  • The ability to distill complex and nuanced messages of the organization's mission and goals to a variety of external audiences

Benefits and Perks

Insert the benefits or company perks here. You’ll want to emphasize items such as:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Health and wellness perks
  • Flexible work schedule/work from home policies
  • Stock options
  • Company catered lunches
  • Commuter benefits
  • Education benefits

A Better Way to Find a CRO

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